1. Unresolved

Performed by The Sinators, on the LP "Colored." Music by Jeremy Touzel and The Sinators. Lyrics by Jeremy Touzel.


Performed by The Sinators, on the LP "Colored." Music by Jeremy Touzel and The Sinators. Lyrics by Jeremy Touzel

Building walls protects me from the fears that I hide
Though it seems that I've built them up and trapped myself inside
It'd be harder, but smarter to deal with it at last
But it's just so much easier to leave it in the past

And run away from all the things that keep me this way
But I know that my problems are destined to be...
Unresolved becuase I won't confront the conflicts that I face
I'll turn my head and close my eyes, go to another place
Until the problem resurfaces, again it hits the wall
Like Xeno's Paradox I'm trying. but my life is Unresolved

It's tough to find an outlet, its tough to find a way
Cause running from the truth is getting harder by the day
At some point I'll realize that I'm not alone
But until that day I'll be struggling on my own